Combining the correct exercise techniques and nutritional needs for the perfect you, with 20+ years of fitness experience.

At Perfect Total Fitness, we take pride in being the pioneers of fitness in Iloilo City.  We combine training principles from multiple fitness disciplines to produce the best possible results for you, our client.  As everyone’s fitness goals are different, we focus on developing a unique, client-centric program that meets both your fitness needs and your schedule.

The best training program requires the best trainer; at Perfect Total Fitness, we are proud to boast Iloilo’s only Level 5 Personal Master Trainer, Michael Chua.  Clients who wish to achieve the highest levels of physical fitness, whether competitive bodybuilders, professional athletes, or those with demanding medical conditions look to Michael to develop their physical training programs as well as the dietary plans to meet their unique nutritional needs.

By using the multi-disciplinary fitness approach developed by Michael, our personal trainers give our clients a level of service and results that other fitness centers in the area simply can not provide.   Combining plyometrics, weight training, spinning, and pilates into a comprehensive program tailored to your needs — that’s not just fitness, that’s Perfect Total Fitness!