Weight Room - Perfect Total Fitness
Our world-class weight training facility is second to none in the Western Visayas.

Our top-flight fitness center is lined from wall to wall with a comprehensive set of free weights and machines unmatched by any other gym in the region.

Training Programs

PTF’s personal trainers are experts in developing weight training programs for beginners and contenders alike.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seriously sculpted competitor, our experienced and client-focused trainers can create a custom program that fits your needs.

Fitness Equipment

With equipment by Strength, Ensayo, and other major brands, our weight training facility provides the tools you need to build lean mass, reduce fat, and become the best version of yourself.

Our weight room includes:

  • Free weights with plates from 2.5 to 50lbs
  • Complete set of dumbbells
  • Multiple flat and adjustable incline/decline benches
  • Over 20 machines from world-class fitness brands such as Strength and Ensayo, many exclusive to PTF within the region
  • Wall-to-wall mirrors to assist in self-evaluation of form and execution

For the complete list of our equipment, click here.