Since 2008, Perfect Total Fitness has been the leader in personalized fitness programs, helping you to achieve your goals and maintain peak physical performance.  No other gym in Iloilo can offer comprehensive nutrition and exercise plans tailored to your personal fitness needs.

Perfect Total Fitness has a long list of successful clients who have experienced the best results of their lives by using our personal fitness programs.  We recognize that each client is unique in three different ways:

  1. Physical State
    This encompasses not only a person’s current and past levels of physical fitness, but also age, metabolic rate, any lingering injuries or chronic medical conditions, etc.
  2. Mental/Emotional State (attitude toward fitness)
    A client’s mental state, specifically attitude toward fitness, is the single greatest factor in determining success and failure.  What motivates you?  Our personal trainers are experienced in motivating our clients and eliminating mental blocks toward exercise.
  3. Ability to Commit Time/Resources
    Every client has a different schedule; the majority of gym-goers are everyday professionals with family, work, and other commitments.  We develop fitness programs that work within your scheduling constraints and your budget.