Advanced Coaching
Level 5 Personal Master Trainer Michael Acelar Chua, Certification No. 6395-194415

Who should you trust when it comes to your physical fitness?  Only a true master can offer you the experience gained through a lifetime of both education and hands-on coaching experience.  Why learn from others, when you can train with Iloilo’s only Level 5 Personal Master Trainer?

Perfect Total Fitness is the only fitness center in the Western Visayas staffed completely by certified personal trainers — even the administrative staff.  Other gyms may boast of their bodybuilding or boxing competitors; we place a higher value on our unmatched training experience and fitness methods applied to everyday clients.

Our staff is experienced in multiple aspects of physical fitness, including weight training, plyometrics, pilates, advanced spinning, and mixed martial arts.  We are also well-versed in the nutritional demands of training programs of varying intensity and duration; we will help you to plan your meals without “putting you on a diet.”