Since 2008, Perfect Total Fitness has been Iloilo’s top-flight fitness center.  The brainchild and vision of master trainer Michael Acelar Chua, PTF has been the leader in both traditional and cutting-edge fitness techniques within the region.  We have pioneered courses in spinning, pilates, and plyometrics that had not previously been available in the metro Iloilo area, while adhering to the same strict standards as in our weight training.

  • Certified Personal Master Trainer – Michael Chua, Owner (CERT. NO. 6395-194415)
  • All Personal Trainers/Instructors Certified
  • 10 Years Experience leading the fitness industry in Iloilo
  • Iloilo’s largest and most complete weight training facility
  • Iloilo’s largest and best-equipped plyometrics facility
  • Air-conditioned spinning room with state-of-the-art Ensayo magnetic spin bikes