• Perfect Plyometrics
    Perfect Plyometrics
    Train with the pioneer!  PTF founder Michael Chua was the first trainer in Iloilo to offer Plyometrics, and we have consistently improved our plyometrics facility, equipment, and training methods for over 10 years!
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  • Total Weight Training
    Total Weight Training
    Our top-flight fitness center is lined from wall to wall with a comprehensive set of free weights and machines unmatched by any other gym in the region.
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  • Fitness is Family!
    Fitness is Family!
    Staying healthy and fit is for everyone! At PTF, we work with clients of all ages, from students to seniors!
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  • You Are Perfect!
    You Are Perfect!
    Combining the correct exercise techniques and nutritional needs for the perfect you, with 20+ years of fitness experience.
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Perfect PlyometricsTotal Weight TrainingFitness is Family!You Are Perfect!

The PTF Advantage

Perfect Total Fitness - Weight Room
Complete Equipment

PTF boasts the most complete set of fitness equipment available in the Western Visayas.  Our equipment is provided by such world-class vendors as Strength, Sports Authority, and Ensayo Fitness, so our clients can experience the feeling of training on the same gear as the pros!

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Master Mike Teaches Spinning
Advanced Coaching

Who should you trust when it comes to your physical fitness?  Only a true master can offer you the experience gained through a lifetime of both education and hands-on coaching experience.  Why learn from others, when you can train with Iloilo’s only Level 5 Personal Master Trainer?

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Perfect Total Fitness - Dumbbell Curl
Personal Programs

Since 2008, Perfect Total Fitness has been the leader in personalized fitness programs, helping you to achieve your goals and maintain peak physical performance.  No other gym in Iloilo can offer comprehensive nutrition and exercise plans tailored to your personal fitness needs.

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About PTF

Since 2008, Perfect Total Fitness has been Iloilo's top-flight fitness center.  The brainchild and vision of master trainer Michael Acelar Chua, PTF has been the leader in both traditional and cutting-edge fitness techniques within the region.  We have pioneered courses in spinning, pilates, and plyometrics that had not previously been available in the metro Iloilo area, while adhering to the same strict standards as in our weight training.
  • Certified Personal Master Trainer - Michael Chua, Owner (CERT. NO. 6395-194415)
  • All Personal Trainers/Instructors Certified
  • 10 Years Experience leading the fitness industry in Iloilo
  • Iloilo's largest and most complete weight training facility
  • Iloilo's largest and best-equipped plyometrics facility
  • Air-conditioned spinning room with state-of-the-art Ensayo magnetic spin bikes


Personal Trainers

Master Mike Teaches Spinning

Owner/Master Trainer – Mike

Iloilo’s only Level 5 Personal Master Trainer, Michael Chua is the heart and soul behind Perfect Total Fitness.

Owner/Master Trainer

Trainer – Paul

Paul has been training clients in Iloilo City both affiliated and freelance for the better part of two decades.

Personal Trainer

Trainer – Edwin

Edwin is not only a competitor, he is also a Level 2 Certified Personal Trainer! His list of accolades in bodybuilding is unmatched in the region, and he brings even more experience and credentials to the PTF family!

Personal Trainer

Trainer – Jeff

Jeff has been a member of the PTF Team since 2014 and specializes in both weight training and plyometrics.

Personal Trainer

Trainer – Bon

Bon has been with PTF since 2010 and specializes in advanced plyometrics and weight training.

Personal Trainer

Operations Manager – Ralf

Ralf joined the team in 2018 as Operations Manager/Trainer to help PTF grow in its second decade.

Operations Manager

When an individual maintains a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise, the benefits go far beyond just physical fitness. This combined effort moves them from physical fitness toward "Total Fitness."

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